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Do you sell your amigurumi and crafts?
I don't do commissions/custom orders for amigurumi in my Adorably Kawaii shop anymore but you may find some of my ready to ship amigurumi or other custom items in the Tiny Moon & Whimsy Wisteria shops.

How long have you been crocheting/knitting?
Since around 2007. I think my first finished projects were hats, I don't really remember anymore. I did a lot of experimenting then, not so much finishing projects. So it may have been a crochet panda hat that I freehanded (and it was a mess! I still have it why!?) and a black Kittyville Hat that didn't turn out so bad.

How long does it take you to make an amigurumi?
It varies from each design. Small and less detailed designs usually take around 2-3 hours. Designs that are 4"+ tall, have a lot of pieces, or details take at least 5 hours.

Do you take requests/accept suggestions for new amigurumi?
I'm always open to suggestions. I add them to my never-ending queue. I'm not sure if I'll ever have time to finish all of them though. It really depends on how much I want to make it plus the demand for the design.

How do I download patterns from Craftsy?
Read this post!

What is included in your patterns?
Click on the link for the pattern to get more information on what is included such as photo tutorials for techniques or assembly, the materials & tools, and the stitches and techniques used (skill level).

Note: Most patterns published since the middle of 2015 have a new pattern format to reduce the number of pages and to get patterns available faster. These patterns may not include templates, charts, diagrams, or assembly step by step photos.

When are you going to release another amigurmi pattern?
Since June 2015, I released about 13 amigurumi patterns (mostly old designs, some new!). Now I'm taking a break from designing new amigurumi. If you're interested in the patterns for any other old designs of mine, let me know! I don't think I'm planning on doing any more of those unless there's interest in them. As for new amigurumi, I still do have a lot of ideas & doodles waiting-- so perhaps I'll make those in the middle of 2016 or later.

What is going to be the next knit amigurumi pattern?
I've had a knit version of Owl in progress that's been hibernating for a couple years. I hope to get around to finishing it someday but I'm not certain it will be the next knitted amigurumi pattern. I might get inspired to finish a different design first. If you have any requests, let me know via email or the poll on the right. :)

When are you going to release another pattern?
 I'm planning on writing up the patterns for the Whimsy Wisteria crochet tops in late 2016 or by the middle of 2017. I might do a couple random patterns in between.

Can I sell the finished objects made from your patterns?
Short answer is: Yes. Read the details here.

Can I use your graphics/illustrations/photos for my website/blog/shop/etc for personal/commercial use?
Nope. You can't use my graphics or photos for your stuff for personal use (such as using my banner for your blog) or commercial use (such as selling my designs on tshirts). I created them for my brand and it's not clipart or stock photos. If you want me to design something just for you, feel free to email me or check out

Can I feature your illustrations or photos on my blog/social media?
Sure, you can but please don't crop out my watermark and don't forget to link to my website or shop.

Do you do collaborations/art trades?
Sure. This goes for art, crafts, whatever. Just message me with details.

Updated: April 2016
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