Welcome! I’m Amanda. I’m 24 years old and live with my husband and 3 year old in California. 

I love making amigurumi and cute accessories. I like working with bright colors and using different stitches & techniques in my patterns. I've always been a little obsessed with adorable stuffed animals. I'm especially drawn to the kawaii Japanese designs with the oversized heads, simple shapes, and round eyes. I also love lace, granny squares, mandalas, and flower & nature designs.

When I was younger, I attempted to sewn my own designs using old clothes but I never quite took to sewing. In 2007, I stumbled on amigurumi & fell in love!! 

I started an Etsy shop in 2009 to share my amigurumi & crochet patterns and about 1 year later, I decided to change the name to Adorably KawaiiI also make crochet tops at my other shop Whimsy Wisteria and some amigurumi for the Tiny Moon shop.

Besides making toys, I also like to crochet & knit: clothing, hats, gloves, & other accessories. I love to draw & play with watercolor, spin & dye yarn, sew, and do other crafts such as wire wrapping and working with seed beads. I occasionally play with clay too!

Join the Adorably Kawaii Ravelry group to share FO’s made from my patterns, ask questions, join in CALS/KALS, and more!  

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Note: This blog is currently not active. I post on the Tiny Moon blog now.
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