Blue Flower Hexagon Bag

I made 21 blue flower hexagons and turned them into a cute bag! It's big enough that I could put in my totoro purse, tiny Mochikaka kitty coin purse, new point and shoot camera, and phone. Now I can leave my other bag full of my crochet projects and stuff in the car when I go out ;)

I attached the hexagons by single crocheting them together with the right sides facing each other. First, I tried it with the wrong sides facing each others so the ridge is on the right side but wasn't sure if I really wanted that texture. I'll try it for the next one though. Then I did a blue double crochet edging on the top and crocheted the straps on. There were so many yarn ends to weave in!

I really want to make another one soon but I should move onto a different project now. ;o;

1 comment:

  1. Your bag is so beautiful! I like it very much! The design is nice and I also like the colours. I hope you will show us your next bag, too.


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