First Handspun

My first handspun yarn since my attempt at spindling years ago! It's a super bulky thick and thin yarn (3-5 WPI). I spun about 26 yards. I think this might be more fun than crocheting/knitting!

In a previous post, there's a photo of it on the spindle and here is the skein after setting the twist:

Then comes the dyeing! I've only dyed yarn once before with one color.

For this one, I really wanted to make something similar to those fancy kettle dyed yarns. I looked up tutorials like this one: Tutorial: Crock Pot Yarn Dyeing! by leethal as well as some Youtube videos.

I used Kool Aid in Strawberry, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Lemonade:

I was in a rush since mister baby was going to wake up soon. I put in too much of the red and didn't wait for it to spread.

The red turned the blue into purple and when the red got to the yellow, it turned to pink. There's also little spots of blue, white, yellow, and brown. It's not quite what I was going for but it still looks nice.

Here's it knitted up using US#11/8mm needles:

I couldn't wait to spin more so I got more fiber. I want to make a blue/green yarn and maybe try plying.

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  1. I'm soooooooooooooo impatient fot see the lovely pattern of the wolf *-*


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