Craftsy Spindling Class

Last month I mentioned I was taking a Craftsy Spindle Class~! I'm about halfway through the videos. I got some BFL fiber shortly after and finally got a drop spindle a few days ago!

I really wanted to make a drop spindle with a wooden toy wheel but it turns out the stores in my area don't carry those anymore. They have wooden boxes, letters, dowels, bird houses, rocking horse... but no more toy wheel stuff?

I'm already thinking about getting other kinds of spindles like the Turkish one:

(Photo credit: Weekend Knitter)

It took me a while to get the hang of spinning and I reviewed the videos to see what I was doing wrong. It was a bit difficult for me to draft when spinning so it came out too bulky and lumpy.

I predrafted the rest of my BFL and started over. It's a lot better than before! Here's what I've got so far:

I need to finish the rest of the Spindling videos and then I'll take Spinning Dyed Fibers class. I don't think I'll find time for a while to actually dye the yarn but it'd be fun to learn anyway!

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