Amigurumi Swap Spring 2013

I got to be a Swap Angel for MalonB in the Spring 2013 Amigurumi Swap!

I received a cute octopus amigurumi, handmade pincushions, crochet & knitted accessories, mini sand bottle souvenir, and 2 yarns!

Here is what I put together:

I made a wolf amigurumi and fairy stitch markers. I also sent 2 yarns, little notepad, crochet hook, safety eyes, and some felt.

There were no sign ups for the 2 previous swap sign ups so I've decided to just keep it open until there's enough. More information will be posted at a later time.

I really want to keep the group active so that there's at least one swap every 2 months. If you're interested, please join the group! :)


  1. Will you publish the wolf pattern :) ?
    And when you publish a new pattern ??? >___< <3

    1. The wolf pattern is currently being tested and will be released soon. :)

    2. Oh my <3

      Thanks so so so much ! <3


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