Yellow and Pink Pegasus Amigurumi

I've been wanting to make the Rainbow Unicorn Amigurumi in other colors and designs but it's difficult to find time to make things for fun in between baby time (which is like 98% of the time), writing up patterns, working on orders, etc. So I stayed up a little late and got up early to make a yellow and pink Pegasus! :D

I embroidered on details instead of using felt, made the mane/tail thicker and longer for a french braid, and I used small yarn & 1.30mm hook to make the flowers.

The next Unicorn project is probably going to be a pink and blue pony. (And I'll probably do MLP project later. I'm just not sure which one to make first. Any requests?)


  1. Hello >___< !
    I have read that you will publish the pattern of deer!
    Could you tell me when? Next Wednesday is the birthday of my mother and I wish I could give her one!

    Thank you!

    PD: I love your work!

    1. Hi!
      The pattern won't be available for months sorry! :( I'm working on several other patterns right now and I haven't been able to start on the deer yet.

  2. She (is it a she?) is adorable! I love her eyelashes.


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