RE Deer Amigurumi Pattern Request

I've been getting requests for the pattern of this deer amigurumi:

It's an amigurumi design that I never finished making though. I started on it a couple of years ago and only put up this photo. I think I frogged most of it last year to use the yarn for a different project.

I couldn't find my old sketches so I drew a quick doodle of how it was going to look like! (From what I can remember... Might have planned on the tail having some white.)

Before I wanted suggestions for the colors... pastels or something different from the usual bright colors I use. Since the work in progress one was just a prototype, I was going to make the final one in different colors. Here's the lineart so if you have any suggestions, please color it in & email it to me!

 I'd love to see what you come up with! It'll probably inspire me to try out some new yarns!

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