Baby Lion Amigurumi

I designed this lion with mister baby in mind! I took a break from my crochet work to make him something cuddly. It took me several hours over a few days to finish it. It's one of my biggest amigurumis so far. It's about 11.5"/29cm tall and 6"/15cm wide.

 Here's my little sketch on a post it:


I ended up using the ":3" face for this lion because I couldn't decide on how I wanted to make the nose. It looks cuter this way.

I'm working on writing up the pattern for this. :)

P.S. Come join my Ravelry group to share finished objects made from my patterns, participate in crochet-alongs, ask questions, and more!


  1. Where can I get the pattern for your Baby Lion Amigurumi? I've looked for it in your shop but it's not here. I would like to buy your pattern, can you help me out?

    Thank you,


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