Amigurumi Pattern Book

I’d love to get a book published of my amigurumi patterns so I’ve been working on a book proposal. I just need to know… would you be interested in buying a book of my amigurumi patterns? You can check out my designs on DeviantArt.


  1. I would! Your animals are so cute and you've worked hard to perfect your style, which is very recognizable, btw. I know others love your work as well and would buy your lovely book!


  2. I would definitely be interested! :D

  3. Hai there!
    Um... Where did you get your awesome template > O < Can you please tell me where to get the code or how you make it?
    Arigato > w <
    Momoka-chan <3

  4. If you do get something published I would love to buy a book of your patterns! In the meantime though, can I buy your sleepy fox pattern on Etsy or something? It's just too adorable to wait!


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