New DeviantArt

I finally made a new DeviantArt account. It's ~adorablykawaii! I kept putting it off. I wanted to make a new one about a year ago.

It's going to be fun kinda starting over! :D I'll be reuploading some of my old stuff. I don't think I'll delete my old account because many people took time to leave me comments and such but I'll be putting the deviations in storage soon.

I had about 1,400 watchers but who knows how many of them actually watched me though. I hope this way, it'll be easier to be active and comment on other's deviations. Because I'd get so many messages and they'd pile up quickly, I didn't really have time to do that. :( I really would like to make lots of new friends! :D

If you have an account on there, stop by to say hi and I'll check out your gallery! :3


Does DeviantArt still give a free trial of premium membership? I bought it once for 3 months and I kinda miss it.

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